Study in Ukraine

Ukraine is a sovereign state of Northeastern part of Europe.
It has a highly developed industry, culture and agriculture.
Capital Kyiv (Kiev). Territorial division 24 regions, Autonomous republic of Crimea, cities with the special status Kiev (Kyiv) and Sevastopol.

Ukraine is very cheap country for tourism and travel. at Ukraine there is many beautiful cities such as; Kiev (Kyiv), Odessa, Kirem (Black Sea), Dnepropetrovsk, and many others. If you would like to travel and study in Ukrainian universities, please fill out our Application Form and send it back to us
State language Ukrainian. Russian, German and English languages are widely used.

Ukraine is a presidential parliamentary republic, with the authority divided between the President (Head of the executive power), Verkhovna Rada (legislative power, Parliament) and court system. Political life is characterized by a great number of political parties. The main law is the Constitution adopted in 1997
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